What everyday training shoes

My new Hoka’s nice but didn’t last long

I’m getting in more miles this year than previous years and that means I’m getting through trainers a lot quicker too.So I was thinking what’s the balance do I just stick to what’s most comfortable and light or should I be looking at a harder wearing shoe, it’s not a thing I’ve had to think about much before but as my mileage has gone up I’m buying trainers a lot more often. cost is a big concern you can’t really get a good pair of running shoes for a lot less then £100 and with me being tall and about 14st that’s a lot of impact to coupe with which brings me to the second point good midsole coursing that’s not going to collapse after 100 miles of use and to finish hard-wearing outsole. I’ve used different brands and I think the best all-round shoe that I’ve found is ASICS GTs they are cheapish Good stability high mileage shoes and last long. rubber on the outsole relay takes some ponding down different road surfaces, Problem is they are getting hard to find as I found out this week when looking around online trying to find a pair of size 13 UK,I did end up finding some but I think next time around I’m going to struggle so I’ll be on the lookout for a different pair….?

You can see the difference in a pair I got because they were nice and light and comfortable Hoka Rincon but after Half the milage of the ASICS they’re about the shot. anyways on with the Great North run training, hope you’re all hitting your training goals let me know about hard-wearing trainers for next time….?