traning for the great north run

ISo it’s time to start thinking about the great north run, and also what my goals going in to it may be. I think my main thoughts on last time are that I didn’t make it round in under 2 hours this time on this run seems to be hard for me I known my training before the great north run has always been for 10k distance and I’m also just starting cross county at that time of year so my training is never focused on half marathon racing. I also think I’m usually knackered to be blunt, iv had a very busy year getting in as much as I can with work family and running, so I think for me to:

A. Get a sub 2h time

B. Still have fun taking part

Will be to focus a bit more on the half marathon distance with more training at goal pace and leaving the speed work out until after the run.

I think this would help me not run a posatve split and run out of energy at the last 5k where looking at my spilts from last year seems to be where the time was lost. I think as anyone that has ran the great north run would agree it’s a very fun and positive run to take part in so if I get a sub 2 hour or I don’t it’s going to be a good day..