Tapering for Great North Run

Its been a good stretch of training leading up to this year’s great north Run. I think I’ve got in a good variety of running and managed to increase my aerobic performance by a huge amount compared to this time list week.

Tapering is always something I look forward to I think there’s a lot to the taper, I like the excuse of taking a step back from running to recover my legs a bit. I know that a lot of people struggle with cutting back their mileage in the taper, but I’ve never had I problem with this. I just follow the program and cut back where I need to, I know the works done and the last two weeks trying to cram in some late training is only going to have a negative effect on race day. I took part in the Middlesbrough 10k on Sunday I used it as my long run for my week 1 taper, and I ran at my 10k split half marathon pace to see what sort of stress I’d be under. So I ran a 5:20 pace which gave me a 10k time of 54 minutes I was pleased to see my average heart rate was 146bpm which is loads lower than last year and fits in nicely with what I’d like to achieve, my race goal will be 10k at 5:20 then second 10k at 5:10 down to 5:00k pace, so I’d be looking at around 1:45-47 time for the half marathon. And hope that it’s not 24 degrees like last year, so that’s me, I’m all ready to get it done, I hope your all tapered and you’re ready for you to run this weekend and I hope to see some people at the great north run see you soon….,