Redcar Half Marathon

It was the Redcar Half Marathon on Sunday, and I didn’t think I was going to take part in it.

I’ve had a bad week with my Crohns playing up, I don’t really know why. I’m sat in hospital writing this waiting to find out. Anyways I had a good race at the Great North Run and I was looking forward to running a flat road race at Redcar. Redcar is only 3 weeks out from the great north run so there’s not much time for training. So I got in some good mileage for a week then backed off for 2 weeks leading up to race day. The Thursday-Friday before race day my stomach was bad, a lot of pain but just when I was eating, so I was more careful about what food I would eat, which seem to work. so that wasn’t to good. I was Working the night shift Saturday night as well and thought it would make sense just to go to Redcar and get my head down in the car. As you may have seen this week it’s been a bit rainy in England.

Redcar on the Coast was no different. It started raining at 4:00 am and didn’t stop all day, I got changed in the car and headed down to the starting area to pick up my number. The rain had eased off a bit, but there where some very wet people walking about waiting for the 10k to start.

I got my number pinned on and I warmed up and saw the 10k had stared. There was a call for the half marathon runners to Assemble, so I made it down to the start point. We were all stood there getting wet and shivering with a nice Easterly wind coming off the sea.

I got going on time and made my way out on to a main road to do a 10k loop then headed back then up the seafront to do a second 10k loop. It was all very wet and windy, still the where loads of people running and plenty of people out to watch. We where heading up the seafront about 16km in to the race and I was getting cramps in my calves not full on but that twinge you get when you know one wrong move and I’d be walking. I think it was the cold, I just couldn’t get warmed up. My legs where seizing up but I managed to keep a 5:15 pace which I’m happy with and a 1:50 finish time also ok.

The one thing you get from Redcar apart from a good race and great support, is a good goody bag, medal and t-shirt. After finishing I made my way back to my car to get changed and dry off before heading home for some sleep……….