Great North Run

Well it’s finally came around to the great north run, im all tapered and feeling good, the day before is always good it’s the carb load day yah.. I don’t know if carb loading really makes a different the Science says it probably doesn’t, but it’s an excuse to eat loads of nice things so I got busy doing that, I also got all my kit together, I don’t do any running before a run im interested in getting my best time, so I tend to just rest up abit, all the training leading up to this run has been very positive, I’ve managed to keep to my training goals and not get drawn in to racing and burning myself out, I’ve also had a spot on tapper behind me this time, so im ready to get that sub 2 hour that over the last 2 and a half years of running I’ve not managed at the great North run, so it’s off to bed for an early start to Sunday. Getting up Sunday morning, getting some breakfast and then off down to south shields to get parked up I always park down at the finish it’s a short walk up the seafront to catch one of the meany buses to the start, very busy at the start theres 57,000 people all looking round for their starting point. so I found a back street which was near to the start to wham up, I got in a 20 min wham up running a small loop, then made it to my staring point the day was looking like it was going to be blue Skys and lots of sun but not as hot as last year.

The run stared on time and took me 9 minutes from the gun to crossing the start which was not to long for the great north run. I ran the first 5k at at slower pace to get whamed up properly then incresed the pace to 5:15 km and stayed at that, I got down to the 10k point or just before I can’t remember exactly but around this point a lady in front of me went over, she fell forward on to the ground which made everyone behind her move to avoid her and then over I went straight down on my Front landing on my knee and both hands I got straight back up, blood poring from my hands and my right knee but stared moving straight away before I could think to much about it, I think I only lost about one minute or so. I tried to keep to a faster pace of 5:08 km but I could not hold on to that and by the the time I got to the John reed road about half way along i was down to 5:30 km pace. We dropped down on to the seafront part of the run, the last km I pushed on as much as I could I coverd it in 5 minutes and finished with I time of 1 hour 52 minutes, so I had done it under 2 hours third time lucky, I was a bit surprised with my time, with the day being hot and sunny and falling over, I had convinced myself that it was not going to be.

Looking back it was I good day, it always surprises me just how much local support there is, there’s 57,000 runners and way more poeple out Waving and supporting and handing out sweets and ice pops and the pubs handing beer which is allways funny to see, lots of people running for some very good charities . So thats it for another year I will be back next year wanting to improve and not fall over next time..