Great North Gateshead 10k

I’ve been running for 2 years now. In my first year I took part in the great Edinburgh run which is a 10 mile run no longer available unfortunately. The same year I took part in the gateshead 10k. I remember it was a hot day and it was my first 10k race. I started in the green band second from last and ran it my hardest, I had i good run and finish in 55 minutes. So this week I thought I’d have a go again and see if the run had changed at all and what my time would be now 2 years on. I got down to the same grass field open for parking, it was overcast this time very humid. I left the car and joined the many runners walking along the paths. As we got down near the main road which we have to cross, there where runners everywhere coming in all different directions all waiting to cross the road. I got across the road and in to the runners area where there were loads of trade stand. Just outside of Gateshead stadium the big queues for the loos. I went for a warm up with lots of other people, some i knew from other runs. I found my starting colour this time I was in the white band next one up from green. I kept to the back of the white band just in case I hadn’t improved that much.

We where off on time or though shuffling to the start point for a minute or two. Because of the shear number of people getting going it was Busy at the start but Once over the start line things cleared a bit. I got in to a good pace but I was passing a lot of people and found myself zigzagging a lot. I probably should have started at the front of my band anyways that carried on for about 4K then I was with a group of runners running at the same pace as me. I held my pace for the rest of the race. Coming back, on the last km is all up hill from the Tyne up to the stadium, it even has a name Slog On The Tyne, big signs everywhere, “you are half way up the slog on the Tyne” that sort of thing. I got back to the stadium, did my one lap before finishing. I had know idea what my time was as I never looked at my watch, I just went flat out so no need. I crossed the line in 46 minutes which I was happy with. It was nice to see an improvement and to run the race again. The medal and t shirt where also much better than last time so that was I nice added bonus….